Wellness Programs

Wellness Today, Healthy Tomorrows.
AdminUSA wants to help your company begin a comprehensive wellness program.

What are our goals?

  • Improve health and quality of life of employees
  • Increase early identification of those at risk
  • Identify actionable issues that can be managed
  • Improve clinical outcomes
  • Decrease complications related to chronic conditions
  • Reduce risk of future claims
  • Reduce rate of inflation for health care
  • Enhance recruitment and retention of employees
  • Decrease time away from work / absenteeism

How would we begin?
Options range from conducting a health risk assessment for all employees or target a specified group, if needed. One size does not fit all. AdminUSA can introduce you to our Wellness Partner, and help make the implementation a simple process for you.

What is the cost?
Our wellness partner uses assessment data, risk stratification, and company profile to develop a specific program to fit your needs and budget.

Why invest in wellness through AdminUSA?

  • Studies have shown that 50% of all disease, injury, and premature death is preventable.
  • Obesity, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and tobacco-related illnesses cost North Carolina employers an average of $5,000 per employee per year.
  • Excess risk factors account for 25% of medical costs and lead to higher absenteeism and lower productivity.
  • 33% of health expenses are for preventable conditions.
  • 20% of your employees spent 80% of your claim dollars.
  • 50% of hospital admissions are due to chronic conditions.

How do we get started?
Contact AdminUSA, 1-866-99FSA4U, for an initial discussion.


AdminUSA is a registered Third Party Administration firm with offices in Wilson, Raleigh, and Charlotte, North Carolina. AdminUSA's staff and resources offer our clients more than 40 years of solid Benefits and Human Resource experience.
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