Flexible Spending Accounts: Employee

Available Accounts

Your employer may offer one or more of these options:

Medical, Dental, Vision Reimbursement Account*
This account covers eligible out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision expenses that are only partially covered or not covered at all by insurance, such as deductible and co-pays and eligible “over-the-counter” medications. Your estimated non-covered expenses for the plan year are deducted uniformly from each paycheck throughout the plan year.

Dependent Care Reimbursement Account
This account covers eligible expenses such as daycare centers, babysitters, and after-school programs so that you and your spouse can work.

Adoption Assistance Account
This account provides reimbursement to you for the reasonable and necessary expenses that you incur in the process of legally adopting an eligible child, including adoption fees, court costs, and attorney fees.

* The Medical, Dental, Vision Account is the only account where participants have access to their full annual election immediately. All other accounts are reimbursed as payroll deductions are made for any eligible claim requests submitted to-date.


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