COBRA / HIPAA Administration

Our COBRA/HIPAA Administration service is available to handle your company’s federally-mandated COBRA/HIPAA obligations. This includes all required COBRA notifications, participant tracking, payment processing, and participant service issues through the use of state-of-the-art web-based software which is accessible to the employer as well as the COBRA participant. Our administration procedures provide fair and equal treatment for all COBRA-qualified beneficiaries. AdminUSA is a buffer between the former employee and employer for difficult COBRA determinations and follows HIPAA guidelines in handling all documents and information in the COBRA process.

Why do you need AdminUSA to handle your COBRA/HIPAA administration?
An employer can be held liable for medical costs incurred by a former participant if that participant was never offered COBRA continuation or if the plan sponsor (employer) cannot prove a valid COBRA administration process has been established and followed within federal COBRA guidelines. Therefore, a catastrophic illness could put a company out of business, simply because they did not know the law.

What will enrollment in our COBRA/HIPAA Administration service mean to your company?
We will provide detailed “General Notice of COBRA Rights” to all participants enrolling in any of your qualified plans. (Qualified plans include Medical, Dental, Vision, FSA, HRA, and all other possible COBRA benefits.) This notice “General Notice” will inform your enrollee of their COBRA rights and obligations should their benefits terminate in the future. This notification is required by federal COBRA law.

In addition, we will send “COBRA Qualifying Event Notifications” (i.e. “Election Notice”) to all eligible employees and/or dependents being terminated from the plan due to a qualifying event. This notice will inform your enrollee of their COBRA rights and obligations as well as contact information for election and payment processing.

We will generate invoices and handle payment processing and any future notices relating to their COBRA enrollment. We will act as a source of contact for all your participants — as well as those on COBRA continuation — for any questions or issues relating to their benefits enrollment and/or COBRA continuation. We will also be a source of reference for any possible COBRA issues or concerns you may have as an administrator.

We will provide detailed reports to the employer concerning active enrollment status for all qualified participants and/or beneficiaries. We will provide educational opportunities to help ensure complete compliance for your company and its subsidiaries.

AdminUSA will serve as your reference source for any COBRA/HIPAA issues you may have as an administrator.


AdminUSA is a registered Third Party Administration firm with offices in Wilson, Raleigh, and Charlotte, North Carolina. AdminUSA's staff and resources offer our clients more than 40 years of solid Benefits and Human Resource experience.
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